The application of sorbitol

1 sorbitol has been widely used for vitamin C, medicine, food, cosmetics, toothpaste, surface active agent etc.. As a moisturizing agent, flexibilizer, humidity regulator, softening agent,adhesive, complexing agent, plasticizer, lubricant, decomposition agent, has been widely used inpapermaking, textile, tobacco, coatings, plastics, polyether resin, glass, foundry industry field.Sorbitol with “low calorific value, low sugar, low temperature oxidation, cool effect, compression,moisture retention, caries prevention” and other special properties and functions, it is widely used in various types of food, beverage and meat products. As the nutrition in food sweetening agent,chelating agent, stabilizer and preservatives.

2 sorbitol with moisture, moisturizing good, can prevent food dry, aging, keep fresh soft andlubricious fragrance, the extension of food shelf life. The sweetness of sucrose sorbitol

3 below, is the best material for the production of low sweet candy and sugar free candy, can be used asdiabetes, liver disease, cholecystitis, obese patients food sweeteners and nutritional agent, withoutinsulin to control in the metabolic processes in the human body.

Can also be food and gum processing all kinds of anti caries.

4 sorbitol containing no aldehyde, is not easy to be oxidized, heating with amino acids Maillard reaction, carotenoids and denaturation of protein and fat to prevent constipation, prevention.

5 in baking food (cake, biscuit, bread, dessert) would not be baking yeast and fermentation, and the degradation due to high temperature; in the cake, fish, drink as sweetener, humectant; inconcentrated milk, cream (cream), adding sorbitol fish sauce, jam, candied fruit can prolong preservation keep the color, flavor.

6 sorbitol can chelate metal ions, used in beverages and Wine prevents caused by metal ionpollution, can effectively prevent crystallization of sugar, salt, acid, sweet, bitter, can maintain thebalance, maintain food aroma.

6 sorbitol can chelate metal ions, used in beverages and Wine prevents caused by metal ionpollution, can effectively prevent crystallization of sugar, salt, acid, sweet, bitter, can maintain thebalance, maintain food aroma.

7 sorbitol solution in meat products is gradually prevailed add application, can in meat products toimprove the taste, add flavor, colored, increase product water retention, improve the meatproduction rate, reduce the production cost.

8 because of its characteristics of sorbitol in daily chemical can be used as matrix, tooth geltoothpaste, mouthwash, used as excipient, humectants, abrasives, detergent, antiseptic,astringent, adhesive, anti freezing agent, sweetener. Can maintain moisture balance, pastelubrication, color, taste good, can also prevent the oral tissue inflammation after dental surgeryoperation. Because of its moisture protection and cool, comfortable, delicious sweet, add up to 30%.

9 sorbitol is cosmetic skin care products, automotive beauty and emulsifier (span, Twain) the basic raw material for the production of. Because of its: moisture, surface crystallization, emulsification and dispersion, film with microcrystal in effect and other special properties. Can be used to preventdry skin, non irritant wetting agent, humectant, the liquid and suspended solids stable emulsification emulsifier. The use of sorbitol cream and lotion cream cosmetic skin care productscan effectively maintain moisture, and not greasy and adhesion of feeling, also can make the filmincrease flexibility, prevent adhesion. Lotion and creams available more than 10% sorbitol; hairand hair gel, available 5-10%, available more than 2% colloid; deodorants and antiperspirants in viscous products available in more than 5%. The liquid and suspended matter in the emulsifier inemulsion stability. Sorbitol emulsifier has good wetting, emulsification, dispersion, better foamingproperties and improve body shape.

10 sorbitol is producing cellulase (enzyme) and emulsifier raw material, can replace the glycerol as a humectant and moisture control agent in tobacco and leather, ink production, can keep theflavor, reduce costs; the use of sorbitol in the paper can reduce greaseproof paper toughness and bonding agent in the coating of flexible pigment; adding certain amount of sorbitol the animal glue,glue, dextrin production can increase the adhesive strength and flexibility, stability.

11 sorbitol as adhesive system of casting mold core adjustable condensation rate and acts as adecomposition agent. Polishing for glass can control its toughness.

12 sorbitol and epoxy propane as raw materials can be used in the production of polyurethane rigid foam, and with a certain degree of flame-retardant properties.

13 and the synthesis of fatty acids generated lipids can replace the sesame oil, paint used to produce oil alkyd resin.


14 rosin ester is a common architectural coatings raw materials.

15 sorbitol ester as plasticizer,