Guangdong Huanfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., formerly known as “Guangdong Zhaoqing Yuandong Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., Ltd.”, was established in January 2003, and passed the drug production license acceptance for the first time and obtained the drug production license in June 2004. The scope of production is pharmaceutical excipients (HFCS). In 2006, we obtained the approval of drug registration of HFCS, and became the first professional pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer in the province.

In order to meet the needs of business development and the rational integration of resources, the HFCS production line of Zhaoqing Yuandong was transferred to Zhaoqing Huanfa Biotechnology Co., Ltd in June 2018 for production (namely, Linjiang Industrial Park in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone). The independent workshop was designed and constructed according to the new version of GMP. The key process was set in the 100000-level clean workshop.

After several months of intensive preparation and construction, we have completed the construction and decoration of the main factory, installation and debugging of equipment. The basic requirements for the official production of HFCS have been met, and the change permission acceptance of the provincial drug supervision bureau has been passed. Now, we have been officially put into production.

In August 2018, the Company officially changed its name to Guangdong Huanfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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