Zhaoqing Huanfa Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is one of the Top 20 Enterprises in Starch Sugar Industry. We provide a wide range of corn starch-based food ingredients and leading solutions to different industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceutical, toothpaste, seasoning and dairy industry.

Our company was founded in Dawang High-tech Zone of Zhaoqing in 2008. Our people adhere to the corporate culture of emphasizing “solidarity, hard work, honesty and innovation”, and stick to the quality and safety policy of “providing safe and high-quality starch sugar products based on customers’ needs”. We have a total annual production capacity of 800K Mt which includes Starch-based Sweeteners (450K MT/YR), Sorbitol (160K MT/YR), Caramel Colours (50K MT/YR), Modified Starches (20K MT/YR), Creamer (50K MT/YR), Isomalto-oligosaccharide (20K MT/YR), Pharmaceutical Grade crystal Mannitol (20K MT/YR), and Pharmaceutical Grade crystal Sorbitol (30K MT/YR). Our wide range of products are not only supplying to the local market, but also exporting to many other countries like Canada, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar.

Our manufacture plant is located in Dawang High-tech Zone in Zhaoqing, right next to our plant is the China Guodian company which provides steam, electricity to the whole high-tech zone which is beneficial to our production cost. Our location is very convenient, and is easy to other cities or countries by car, sea and railway. It is 30km from the Sanshui Railway station,60km from Guangzhou, 90km from Huanpu Port. In recent years, In order to expand the northern market, Anhui Huanfa Biotechnology Co.,Ltd was established in chuzhou, Anhui province. Our expected annual production capacity will be 300K Mt, Which was already officially put into production in 2018.

In order to provide the best quality products to our clients, each of our production lines have equipped with advanced equipment and adopted the most advanced systems and technologies. We have a complete quality management system and have passed Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), ISO9001 Quality Management System, Kosher Certification, Halal Certification.

Our mission is to provide safe, high-quality products which meets customer’s needs. We believe the “ service is the part of the product”, and we adhere to make all our customer satisfied with our products.

Dear Friends, thanks for following us. We will provide you our best quality products with dedicated service. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Let’s join hands to move forward for a better future!


  • 2008.12  After the Company was established and put into production, it has successfully reached the target of Phase I. Now, it has realized the production scale of 800,000 tons of liquid starch sugar series products annually
  • 2010.09  The Company has been awarded the title of Top 500 Modern Industry Project in Guangdong Province and the key enterprise in Zhaoqing City
  • 2010.12  It was awarded with the title of “National Championship Enterprise”
  • 2012.06  It has been awarded with the honor of “Enterprise with Excellent Credit Standing in Guangdong Province” for six years in a row
  • 2012.03  Passed ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system
  • 2012.06  Passed FSSC22000 Food Safety Quality Management System
  • 2013.03  The Phase II project of the Company was officially launched after the foundation laying ceremony
  • 2013.09  Anhui Huanfa Biotechnology Project with an annual output of 600,000 tons of starch syrup was established in Chuzhou Economic Development Zone
  • 2014.01  It was awarded “Guangdong Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base”
  • 2014.01  It was awarded “Guangdong Technical Research Center of Starch and Starch Sugar Deep Processing Engineering”
  • 2014.02  Dongguan Xuji Food Co., Ltd. awarded our company with the title of “Excellent Supplier in 2013”
  • 2014.03  It was awarded “KOSHER CERTIFICATE”
  • 2014.06  It was appraised as “Class A Taxpayer” by National Local Taxation Bureau in Zhaoqing City
  • 2014.11  Upon the field investigation of maltose syrup, maltitol, sorbitol, HFCS, glucose syrup and caramel color, Henan Islamic Association conferred the Company with Halal Certificate
  • 2014.12  It was appraised as “High-tech Enterprise”
  • 2015.01  Our trademark was awarded with the “Guangdong Provincial Registered Trademark Certificate”
  • 2015.12  It was awarded “Guangdong Leading Enterprises”
  • 2015.12  It was appraised as “Guangdong Clean Production Enterprise”
  • 2015.12  Upon the establishment of the cooperative relationship with South China University of Technology, our company has been admitted as “the production, teaching and research base of South China University of Technology”
  • 2014.11  It was rated as “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Enterprise” by China Starch Industry Association
  • 2016.06  It was rated as “Council Member of the Eighth Board of Directors” by China Starch Industry Association
  • 2016.05  It was awarded as “Guangdong Innovative Enterprise”
  • 2016.02  Won Zhaoqing Patent Award — A Colorimetric Adjustable Caramel Pigment Production Process
  • 2016.08  It was rated as the “Top 20 Enterprises of the Fifth National Starch Sugar Industry” by China Biological Fermentation Industry Association
  • 2017.02  Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. awarded our company with “Quality Award in 2016”
  • 2017.11  Won the second prize in Zhaoqing Xinghu Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • 2017.12  It was appraised as “High-tech Enterprise” again
  • 2018.04  Expand the annual production of 50,000 tons of sorbitol and increase the annual production of 5 million Nm³ hydrogen engineering and technical renovation projects. The production capacity of sorbitol has increased from 100,000 tons per year to 150,000 tons per year. The capacity of methanol cracking to produce hydrogen has increased from 10 million Nm³ per year to 15 million Nm³ per year
  • 2018.04  Research on Green Manufacturing Project of High Quality Caramel Pigment by Appraisal of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Guangdong Province
  • 2018.05  It was honored with “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”
  • 2018.08  Ligao Food Co., Ltd. awarded our company with “Precision Delivery Award”